Avataran (English: Landing) is shot on the new 'Canon 5D Mark III' camera, this film is written and directed by Tarunabh Dutta, who made one of the first Assamese science fiction film '...
180 reads, | 11 November, 2014
Human life and their relationships are like two sides of a coin. There is a saying 'true love can touch your soul' and every human being waits for that heavenly ray.... Rowd is a story...
15,859 reads, | 05 September, 2011
JETUKA  PATOR DORE জেতুকা পাতৰ দৰে (Enchanting, Challenging… The Life) An Assamese Film by JADUMONI DUTTA  from the story of  SAYAD ABDUL MALIK & staring by RAG and AIMEE...
7,717 reads, | 23 August, 2011
জুবলী বৰুৱা,Zublee Baruah, most popular Assamese playback female singer cum actress. [flickr-photo:id=5807875689,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=5807875699,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=5807875701,size=s] [...
10,018 reads, | 07 June, 2011
গায়ত্রী মহন্ত ,Gayatri Mahanta, most popular assamese cinema actress. [flickr-photo:id=5405269112,size=m] [flickr-photo:id=5405269108,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=5405269104,size=s] [flickr-photo:id=...
25,865 reads, | 31 January, 2011
Assamese Full length Award Winning Children's Film -TORA directed by Jahnu Baruah
282 reads, | 23 September, 2014
TRP Aru, টি আৰ পি আৰু, Assamese Film by Mridul Gupta, Urmila Mahanta, Prince Chouhan. It will take you inside the world of broadcasting media. Director: Mridul Gupta
504 reads, | 02 September, 2014
Mr. Rajkumar’s new Assamese movie on rhino poaching- Animal Killer Download
814 reads, | 24 June, 2014
চুমাৰ পৰশতে New Assamese Movie Film Song Download -Release Promo 2014
1,259 reads, | 16 June, 2014
Bobby Sarma Baruah's Assamese-language film "Adomya".A poignant tale of betrayal and triumph of an HIV positive widowed mother.
834 reads, | 06 May, 2014


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