Human life and their relationships are like two sides of a coin. There is a saying 'true love can touch your soul' and every human being waits for that heavenly ray....

15,618 reads, | 05 September, 2011

JETUKA  PATOR DORE জেতুকা পাতৰ দৰে (Enchanting, Challenging… The Life)

7,502 reads, | 23 August, 2011

জুবলী বৰুৱা,Zublee Baruah, most popular Assamese playback female singer cum actress.

9,840 reads, | 07 June, 2011

গায়ত্রী মহন্ত ,Gayatri Mahanta, most popular assamese cinema actress.

25,638 reads, | 31 January, 2011

Assamese Full length Award Winning Children's Film -TORA directed by Jahnu Baruah

240 reads, | 23 September, 2014

TRP Aru, টি আৰ পি আৰু, Assamese Film by Mridul Gupta, Urmila Mahanta, Prince Chouhan. It will take you inside the world of broadcasting media.

Director: Mridul Gupta

442 reads, | 02 September, 2014

Mr. Rajkumar’s new Assamese movie on rhino poaching- Animal Killer Download

727 reads, | 24 June, 2014

চুমাৰ পৰশতে New Assamese Movie Film Song Download -Release Promo 2014

1,121 reads, | 16 June, 2014

Bobby Sarma Baruah's Assamese-language film "Adomya".A poignant tale of betrayal and triumph of an HIV positive widowed mother.

769 reads, | 06 May, 2014

Watch New Assamese Film Trailer Abhadra
Star Cast : Chiranjeet Borah, FairyPriya Ahmed, Indumouli Neog
Producer: Arup Adhikari, Rachana Adhikari
Director: Aman Kuma

1,014 reads, | 06 May, 2014


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